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Pokemon Legends teases an announcement with the return of Ball Guy

Pokemon Legends
(Image credit: Nintendo )

Pokemon Legends Arceus appears to be teasing an imminent announcement.

Earlier today on December 9, the official Pokemon Twitter account put out the tweet below, asking for followers to help the Ball Guy mascot pick up all the PokeBalls that he's misplaced. Clicking the link in the tweet itself will take you to the official Pokemon Legends Arceus website, but with a twist: Ball Guy's lost PokeBalls are ceaselessly descending from the top of the screen.

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It's your task to help Ball Guy pick up his PokeBalls by clicking on them with your mouse. However, no matter which PokeBalls you click on, you'll eventually hit one which explodes in a flash of lightning, causing the entire game to reset, and the PokeBalls to begin descending down from the top of the screen all over again.

One theory is that this could be Pokemon's way of unveiling a new Electric-type creature for the game's roster. The flash of bright electric light when you click on a PokeBall certainly seems to give credence to this theory, as perhaps the Pokemon itself is bursting forth from the PokeBall.

On the other hand, this could be a way of revealing that Voltorb is making the jump to Pokemon Legends Arceus. The PokeBall-shaped creature would seamlessly blend in with the PokeBalls on the screen, and this is certainly the theory that many commenters underneath the original tweet from the Pokemon Twitter account are running with.

Could this all be heralding an announcement at The Game Awards later today? The showcase hosted by Geoff Keighley is taking place later today on December 9 at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET, and it's certainly a big enough stage for The Pokemon Company to make an appearance and reveal a new detail about the forthcoming game set in the Sinnoh region. Either way, there's not too long to wait until we can get our hands on Pokemon Legends Arceus for ourselves, when the new action-RPG hybrid launches early next year on January 28, 2022.

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