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Pokemon Go Mega Gengar Counters - The best team to take down the Ghost-type Pokemon

Pokemon Go Mega Gengar Counters
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We got Pokemon Go Mega Gengar Counters to help you defeat them in raids if you need to capture this spooky Pokemon. October brings a lot of the autumn feels especially with Halloween around the corner. And when many think of Halloween, they think of ghosts and some of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise are of the Ghost-type, and none embodies that more than Gengar in Pokemon Go .

Gengar, the Ghost and Poison-type Pokemon, has been around since Generation 1 and has had many different forms since its inception. Mega Gengar is one of those forms and is one of the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Trainers who haven’t had a chance to obtain the Mega Energy to get Mega Gengar will have another chance to do so as the Ghost Pokemon returns to Raids for a few weeks. 

From October 1 to October 22 at 10 a.m. local time, Mega Genar will appear in Mega Raids in Pokemon Go. And if you need help defeating this powerful ‘mon we have this handy guide to which Pokemon to bring into battle and what moves to expect when going up against Mega Gengar.

Pokemon Go Mega Gengar Counters

Mega Gengar is a Ghost and Poison-type Pokemon making it weak to Psychic, Ground, Ghost and Dark-type attacks. 

As many trainers saw with our Mega Slowbro guide, many of the best Pokemon to take down Mega Gengar are of the Dark-type. While bringing powerful Ghost and Psychic types could help any trainer to defeat Mega Gengar, its moveset could spell trouble for them--and we’ll get into that in the section below. 

Mega Houndoom and Mega Gyarados’ Dark typing and Dark-type moves make them the premier attackers against Mega Gengar. Not only that, but the ability to power up the Dark-type moves of all Pokemon in your and other trainers’ party is great for taking down Mega Gengar as fast as possible.

Mega Slowbro is another great Mega Pokemon option, but it is weak to Mega Gengar’s Ghost-type moves so it is risky. However, Mega Slowbro’s bulk can help it last longer in battle than other Psychic types and it can boost the Psychic-type moves of other Pokemon you bring into battle. So if you don’t have a Dark-type Mega to bring, Slowbro could help. 

Other non-Mega options include Tyranitar, Darkrai and Ground types like Landorus and Garchomp.

Here’s a list of great options and counters to take into battle against Mega Gengar in Pokemon Go:

Mega Gengar Counters
HoundoomSnarl and Foul Play
Mega GyaradosBite and Crunch
TyranitarBite and Crunch
YveltalBite and Snarl and Dark Pulse
GarchompMud Shot and Earth Power
DarkraiSnarl and Dark Pulse
Mega SlowbroConfusion and Psychic
GroudonMud Shot and Earthquake
LandorusMud Shot and Earth Power
WeavileSnarl and Foul Play

Pokemon Go Mega Gengar Moveset

Being a Ghost and Poison-type, trainers should expect one or both of those types of attacks when going up against Mega Gengar in Raids. 

Its Fast Attacks can be either Hex or Shadow Claw, two Ghost-type attacks, or Sucker Punch a Dark-type move. This combination makes it difficult to justify bringing a Ghost or Psychic-type Pokemon into battle unless you don’t have many options. Also, Dark types can resist all of Mega Gengar’s Fast Attacks giving them another advantage in battle.

For its Charge Attacks, Mega Gengar has a variety of options. Shadow Ball is a powerful Ghost-type move, which can really damage Ghost and Psychic types while Sludge Bomb is a Poison-type attack that other Ghost types can resist. 

Trainers need to be wary of Focus Blast as it is a Fighting-type attack that can deal super effective damage against many Dark types they bring into battle. The suggested team screen can give trainers a clue as to which moves Mega Gengar may have.

If it suggests Psychic types, Mega Gengar will likely have Focus Blast. If Ghost types and Ground types appear then it will likely have Sludge Bomb as they resist it. Trainers that see plenty of Dark types being suggested then it’s likely that Mega Gengar has Shadow Ball.

Use that to your advantage when selecting your team. Here’s every Fast and Charge Attack that Mega Gengar can have in Pokemon Go:

Mega Gengar Moveset
Fast AttackCharge Attack
Sucker PunchShadow Ball
HexShadow Ball
Shadow ClawSludge Bomb

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