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Pokemon Go is getting Galar region Pokemon for its Ultra Unlock Part 3 event

Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield Zacian and Zamazenta
(Image credit: Niantic)

Pokemon Go will soon include Pokemon from the Galar region including Zacian and Zamazenta.  

As part of the Ultra Unlock: Part 3: Sword and Shield event - which was introduced during Pokemon Go Fest 2021 - trainers will soon be able to encounter Pokemon found in Pokemon Sword and Shield such as Skwovet, Greedent, Wooloo, Dubwool, and Falinks. 

Not forgetting the two legendary Pokemon found in Gen 8 Zacian and Zamazenta, who will be making their Pokemon Go debut in their Hero of Many Battles forms. During the event players will also have the chance to encounter a Shiny Galarian Meowth, a Shiny Galarian Farfetch’d, a Shiny Galarian Weezing, or a Shiny Galarian Stunfisk. 

The next Ultra Unlock event will kick off on August 20, 2021, at 10am local time and will run until 8pm local time on August 31, 2021. As with each Pokemon Go event, each player will get access to a number of bonuses and exclusive features. 

In terms of this Ultra Unlock event, trainers will encounter the likes of Skwovet and Wooloo more frequently in the wild, as well as Galarian Darumaka, Trubbish, and more. Developer Niantic has also promised that select Pokemon will be able to hatch from 7km eggs, including Galarian Ponyta, Galarian Slowpoke, and Galarian Stunfisk.

Other bonuses include Galar region-themed Field Research tasks from PokeStops as well as themed outfits such as the Galar region uniform for your Pokemon Go avatar to wear (starting August 19 at 3pm PDT / 6pm EST / 11pm BST.) 

Finally, Niantic also revealed how raids will work during the event with week 1 of the raids running from August 20 - August 26, 10am local time and week 2 of the raids taking place just after from August 26 - September 1 both 10am local time as well.

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