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Pokemon Cafe Mix menu: How to fix blank options and select your preferred language

Pokemon Cafe Mix menu
(Image credit: Nintendo)

The icon-matching puzzler has now arrived, but some players are being greeted with a blank Pokemon Cafe Mix menu when starting the game, which provides no clues for how to proceed. Worst still, if you manage to move beyond these empty choices but select the wrong one, you could set your game to the wrong language and face the prospect of Pokemon Cafe Mix not working at all as you can't understand any of the prompts that follow. If you're eager to start serving up meals but have found yourself staring at a set of blank Pokemon Cafe Mix menu options instead, we've got the information you need to fix it and move on.

How to select your language in Pokemon Cafe Mix

(Image credit: Nintendo)

It appears that the blank Pokemon Cafe Mix menu issue is only affecting Android devices, as we were able to see the complete menu when loading it on iPhone and Switch and there were no signs of Pokemon Cafe Mix not working on those formats. The screenshot above shows the correct layout of the Pokemon Cafe Mix options, so for most players you'll want to select the top-right option for English, then once it's highlighted hit the bottom button to confirm your choice. This will then take you to the region selection, and once you've picked your area and provided some details you'll arrive in the main game. Of course, if English is not your preferred language, then you can select another from the list above.

So there you have it, a fix for the Pokemon Cafe Mix blank menu bug to get you into the game and start serving up dishes in no time. It's possible the Android app will be updated to fix this at some point so nobody has to report Pokemon Cafe Mix not working, but for now at least we hope this guide helped you to get started on your journey. Bon appetit!

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