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PlayStation VR doesn't come with PS4 camera or Move controllers

Assuming you already have a PS4, paying $399 for PlayStation VR will still leave you missing one very important part of Sony's VR proposition: a PS4 camera, which is used to track your movements along with the headset's sensors.

It makes sense that Sony would leave the camera out of the basic package since it's already on the market, but it does mean the cost is a bit more inflated for practical purposes: the combined retail price of experiencing PlayStation VR is actually $458.96 (not counting the PS4), and it's even more if you want a set of optional motion-tracking Move controllers. Hopefully Sony will announce a discounted bundle of some kind closer to October.

But even with all those extra expenses stacked on top, PlayStation VR is still significantly less costly than Oculus Rift and HTC Vive - especially because a PS4 is much cheaper than a VR-ready gaming PC.

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