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Playing Xbox Live COD 4 with a baby: is this legal?

Trash talking players, who are constantly swearing or throwing racial insults at each other on Xbox live, have been this week%26rsquo;s hot topic; you only have to look at the recentreport on Fox News for evidence of that. But one gamer seems to have taken it to a whole new level.

Yesterday we were enjoying another online CoD 4 kill-fest when we heard a chilling sound coming from one of our opponent%26rsquo;s headsets. But it wasn%26rsquo;t the usual form of abuse our ears have to withstand, this time we were being subjected to the sound of a screaming baby.

Maybe it didn%26rsquo;t like our choice of map, or maybe, just maybe, it didn%26rsquo;t like the sound of constant gunfire, deafening explosions and fighter jets performing fly-bys.

Yes we could have muted the guy but we thought it would be better to share the experience with you. Just hit play below to see and hear some extracts of what we tolerated for two painful hours.

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