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How to aim in PUBG on PS4 and Xbox One, look down the sights (and the rest of the controls explained)

How to aim and look down the sight in PUBG might seem like an obvious thing to do but it's not. The PUBG controls have a PC origin so that even on PS4 and Xbox, simple things can fell a little weird. It's the controls that worked so well on mouse and keyboard haven't translated quite so literally to PS4 and Xbox leaving something less than obvious to do. 

The PUBG controls give you a whole host of movement options on foot, such as jumping, crouching, and crawling when prone. Vehicle controls are pretty standard, though the option to change seat or hold the button to jump to the driver seat is particularly handy when you inevitable enter a car through the wrong door. However, the way in which you aim down the sights is pretty unusual, which can catch a lot of players out.

Unlike most games, PUBG gives you two options when aiming - a close up view for third person shooting, and a scoped, precision view down the barrel. 

Here's how they work: 

  • Third person aim - hold the left trigger down.
  • First person scoped - tap the left trigger. Tap again to release. 

Here's a breakdown of the basic, default controls: 

As well as scoping, things like the ability to change the grenade throwing motion from a lob to underarm, is handy in small spaces, as is the ability to free look, and using left on the D-pad to change firing modes. (Quick tip: burst fire and full auto for short to medium range encounters, never for range. Switch to single shot.)

In terms of other controls, the set up changes depending on what you're doing. These are the functions while actually aiming: 

Aaaand driving: 

The 'Change Seat' options probably the most important there for when you get in the wrong side of a car (and you will). 

There's also a bunch of map specific controls, important given how important getting to the right place can be. 

Inventory navigation is also crucial given how little time you want to spend in there when people might be shooting at you. Key thing here is getting the shoulder button side-to-side navigation locked in your muscle memory.

And, finally, there are swimming controls which are probably the most conventional in the whole game. The ability to 'Dive' is your friend here as it's useful to avoid attention and dodge gunfire. 

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