The best PUBG Sanhok map locations to secure loot and victories

PUBG Sanhok map
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The tropical PUBG Sanhok map is a luscious, verdant land, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' jungle biome that provides a smaller, meaner experience than most of the other maps. There's all manner of unique areas to explore and get shot at in Sanhok, as well as a special Loot Truck mechanic to act as the map's special wild card element.

That's where we come in to help - we've laid out all the most important and best Sanhok locations, as well as what you need to know about each area. Here's a clear and simple guide to the PUBG Sanhok map locations and where to drop.

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PUBG Sanhok map locations 

pubg map

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As mentioned, the PUBG Sanhok map is a bit smaller than the others, leading to a more combat-heavy experience where it's more likely you'll encounter other players on a regular basis. With that in mind, it's very important to know where you are and what to expect, so we've laid out all the key locations for you below.

Loot Trucks

PUBG Loot Trucks

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While exploring the remastered version of Sanhok, you're likely to spot the new Loot Trucks. These four-wheeled behemoths are hard to miss, which is handy really because shooting them means they drop loot. 

Destroying them will allow you to hoover up a huge pile of loot, including named weapon variants that offer preset attachments and bonuses to things like handling or magazine capacity. It's worth remembering, though, that firing on these vehicles is a risk; while they can't return fire, gunfire will give away your position to nearby players.

There are four trucks at the start of the map, but up to eight can spawn per match as they're destroyed. Oh, and don't expect to steal one - these vehicles are unmanned, and getting in the way of one could be deadly.

Paradise Resort 

Paradise resort is one of the few named areas towards the center of the map and offers some solid loot for anyone that goes there. It’s actually a pretty large area, so can handle multiple people dropping, but the open courtyards you have to cross mean at some point you are probably going to be in a fight. Even if you think it's far enough away from the plane path that no one will go there, there’s always a very high chance of someone joining you. 

As well as being a popular location, there is also a lack of vehicle spawns. Now that’s not often a massive issue because walking anywhere in Sanhok is pretty easy early on, but is something to keep in mind. However, neither of these issues should be enough to turn you away - the loot here is great and if you survive you’ll be in a solid position. 

Boot Camp 

Boot Camp should really be the equivalent of School or Pecado on Sanhok. Its right in the middle of the map and has really high loot spawn rates, but the key difference here is that the size and layout of Boot Camp mean multiple people can co-exist in the area for quite a while. 

There will be a lot of fights, but its not quite on the level where only one person will survive. Multiple people can find their way out of Boot Camp and usually with some great gear. It has perhaps the best loot on the entirety of Sanhok and more than enough to kit out multiple people. Just be sure to check everywhere for dead player boxes, because they will often have done a lot of the looting for you. 


If you want a more relaxed time then head to the massive quarry, which is also fairly central. No one drops here because the loot is limited and you are exposed from pretty much every angle. But as no one drops anywhere near here you are usually guaranteed an easy first few minutes. 

The loot is the issue, but if you are alone then you can usually come out with a couple of solid weapons and enough equipment to see you through. Most of the boxes and crates have a potential loot spawn on top of them, so be sure to climb up on top of the high ground areas to locate the best weapons. 

The big downside here is that anyone passing by will be able to spot you and you will have limited cover and be on the low ground. So this really is a place to drop, grab enough look to get by and then leave and try to hunt kills. 

Camp Bravo 

Like most of the other camps on Sanhok, Camp Bravo offers some great loot, but its location on the edge of the map can make it a pain if the circle is not kind. If you are confident in your rotations then this is a solid drop, and there are three potential vehicle spawns in very close proximity to the camp to help out in that regard. 

If you are challenged by other players on the drop then you want to stay clear of the middle buildings. There’s a ton of open windows here which means you can easily be shot in the back when you least expect it. Stick to the edge if others are with you and try to catch them off guard. 

Ha Thin 

Ha Thin is a surprisingly large area to loot, and its layout means you can quickly move through it and move on with a decent arsenal in your backpack. It’s viability really depends on the plane path, anything too southern and this is probably a bad call, but if you can reach it easily it is a great drop. 

It’s northern position might make it seem like a strange location to drop, but there is a load of vehicle spawns here, for both land and sea, so getting to the first circle will never be an issue. In our minds this is really a top tier drop, sure the loot might not be as reliable as say Boot Camp, but you'd have to be super unlucky to not come out with at least an AR and some acceptable backup. 

Sah Mee

Sanhok is certainly lacking in proper urban areas, but Sah Mee is probably the closest you will get. This of course brings a lot of loot, but with it being all in two story houses its not the easiest place to loot efficiently. You’ll also have to be careful when moving from building to building, because it is pretty easy to sneak past someone unnoticed. 

The main reasons to drop here is the loot available and the cover the area provides. You will most likely be joined by another player or two, even if it is a good distance away from the plane, but providing you play smart and don’t just run aimlessly from building to building you can all get some decent loot before the fights inevitably start. 

Camp Alpha

Camp Alpha is very similar to Camp Bravo, but its position on the smaller northern island makes it slightly less favorable in our opinion. Often having to cross the river is difficult and chances are high you will have to cross at some point if you drop here. 

However, the loot is very good, and if you can hold down the camp it can almost become an impenetrable fortress, as you should be able to spot anyone coming in from quite a way off if you play on the roofs. It’s a solid option, but the others on this list are arguably better in some way. This is a popular drop in a difficult location but does have solid loot. Try and it and see how you feel. 

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