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Plans to bring Terraria to Stadia are back on

(Image credit: Re-Logic)

There's good news for Terraria fans – the recently canceled Terraria Stadia port is now back on.

The unannounced plan to port the indie hit to Stadia was iced when Re-Logic boss Andrew Spinks publicly hit out after being locked out of their Google account for the best part of a month, preventing them from accessing their Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube accounts, as well as their Google Play app library.

"I absolutely have not done anything to violate your terms of service, so I can take this no other way than you deciding to burn this bridge," Spinks said at the time (thanks, Eurogamer). "Consider it burned. Terraria for Google Stadia is canceled. My company will no longer support any of your platforms moving forward."

Now, however, it seems the bridge has been rebuilt.

"As you may have noticed, we had a ton of issues to kick off the year stemming from the locking-down of Redigit's entire Google account in early January. After a month of pushing (and with the immense support of our fans), Google finally reached out and was able to provide a lot of transparency around the situation and to restore access to all of our accounts," developer Re-Logic explained in a forum post.

"Due to the hard work the Stadia team has put in - as well as our partners at 505 Games - we have decided that we will allow the upcoming launch Terraria on Google Stadia to proceed. The Terraria Stadia build is based on the DR Studios (latest) build, and is currently at Google for certification review.” 

As yet, there's still no confirmation of a release date, but as always, we'll keep you posted.

ICYMI, Google announced it was closing its first-party Stadia Games and Entertainment studios earlier this month, abandoning its plans for exclusive games.

At the time, vice president and general manager Phil Harrison didn't specify which "near-term planned games" would survive this closure, but a new report alleged that canceled games and turned down proposals included projects by Yu Suzuki, a Journey to the Savage Planet sequel, and an episodic horror game from Death Stranding developer, Kojima Productions. A spokesperson from Google Stadia has subsequently denied the report. 

In related news, during a recent staff Q&A session, Harrison supposedly “pointed specifically to Microsoft’s buying spree and planned acquisition of Bethesda Software later this year as one of the factors that had made Google decide to close the book on original game development".

If you’re new to Google’s gaming world, here's everything you need to know about Google Stadia.

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