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Paltrow and Monaghan scratch an Itch

The kings of guilty pleasure are back. The men behind There’s Something About Mary – Peter and Bobby Farrelly – are busy lining up a cracking roster of Tinsletown talent to appear in their remake of The Heartbreak Kid, entitled Seven Day Itch.

Having already lassoed professional everyman Ben Stiller, the brothers grim have begun padding out the cast, nabbing the signatures of Gwyneth Paltrow and MI: 3 star Michelle Monaghan.

The story follows the misfortune of a just-married man who finds out his missus isn’t all she appears to be. “Ben thinks he's married the girl of his dreams,” Bobby Farrelly says. “She's beautiful, but then, on their honeymoon, he finds out she's nuts.”

Based on Elaine May’s1972 comedy, the original starred Cybill Shepherd as the woman who makes the newly-married fella realise his mistake – a role to be taken by Monaghan in the Farrelly update, leaving Paltrow the chance to go a little fraggle as the nutty bride. Charles Grodin played the groom.

The Farrellys have written the script themselves, so no doubt this beautiful, touching love story will be appropriately laced with gags featuring ejaculate, skin complaints, large teeth and the disabled.