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Outland Mark of the Gods Achievement Guide

Backtracking 2

Origin: Crossroads of the World – 2 Marks

32. From the teleporter go to your right through the opened dark energy door. Jump to the upper island and then get on the dark energy platform. At its apex you will see a launch pad, use this to shoot yourself to the left. Now jump to the launch pad above you and use the series of them to go all the way up. The Mark is on a ledge to your right.

33. From the teleporter go to your left. Ride the light energy platform up and then climb the ladder. From here wall jump up to the platform on the right and use the launch pads to get to the top of the level. Go all the way to the right, platforming across very carefully, and then drop down in the last pit. The Mark is just to the right.

Jungle: Jungle Highlands – 1 Mark

34. From the teleporter drop down to the right and step on the dark energy switch. From here you’ve got a bit of a trip ahead of you. This path requires both stomp and charge to get through, thus why we’ve avoided it for this long. Make your way to the bottommost part of this area and head to the right. You will find this Mark in a cavern behind a wall you needed to break open and then a second wall you have to use charge to destroy.

Underworld: The World Beneath – 1 Mark

35. After teleporting in head to the left. Your destination is the large platform filled room in the top left corner of the map. Follow the platforms to reach a tunnel that leads to a pair of launch pads. Shoot yourself up and then use the ladder to get to the Mark. Far to the right of this is a well hidden health upgrade purchase so this area is doubly useful.

City: The Ministry – 1 Mark

36. Teleport to The Marketplace and make your way to the Ministry. Your destination is the energy block room so make your way over there. Just in front of the entrance to this room is a yellow elevator we need to ride up. Then from there use wall jumps and energy shifting to reach a checkpoint and launch pad. Your destination is on the right where some vases and the Mark are waiting for you.

Sky: The Ice Cave – 1 Mark

37. Head to the left from the teleporter, avoiding the lasers and making your way back to a long shaft. Start wall jumping up the shaft, a short jump to the left wall and then make your way to the top. Jump onto the blue platform, use the launch pads to reach the Mark atop a ledge on the right.

Sky: Holy Mountain – 1 Mark

38. Teleport to Holy Mountain and then make your way to the left. Climb up and continue to the left. Wall jump up to the launch pad and shoot yourself up to the higher ledges. The Mark is located on your right.



Eternity: At the Shores of Time – 1 Mark

39. A short ways into this stage you will fight a giant blue spider. Wall jump from the ledges just above you to make your way to this Mark.

Eternity: Tower of Eternity – 1 Mark

40. When you reach the first checkpoint walk over to the closed door. Wall jump off the wall above the door and you will reach a launch pad. Shoot off to the left and then use the second one to do the same. This brings you to a new patch of land. Use stomp to get to the lower level where the Mark is hidden.

Eternity: Trial of Tears – 1 Mark

41. The Mark is gotten shortly after reaching the teleporter. Go to the right and drop down. You’ll see a turret shooting out fans of alternating energy colors. You need to drop down into the pit right below the turret. The Mark is on a floating island located just off the bottom of the screen.

Eternity: The End of All Things – 1 Mark

42. Just after passing the first checkpoint you will reach a room with pillars of dark energy bullets coming from the ceiling and blue and red spikes under the floor. You have to jump very carefully through this mess of death. When you reach the other side leap to the launch pad from the elevated ground to the right and shoot yourself up. The final mark is on a floating island here and is easily reached.

May 27, 2011