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Outland Mark of the Gods Achievement Guide

The Sky

Sky: The Ice Cave

You can’t get this one so just follow the path to the next area.

Sky: Proving Grounds – 2 Marks

24. Shortly after getting to the second level of this map you will find what amounts to a waterfall of light energy bullets. Before braving that curtain of energy use wall jumps to climb the shaft just above you to find the Mark on an island by itself.

25. After passing the checkpoint you will make some tricky leaps. The path then splits with a ladder going up and a tunnel down below. Head through the tunnel, ride the platform upwards and then leap off to the left to get the Mark.

Sky: Holy Mountain

You can’t get to these Marks yet so just keep moving to the next area.

Sky: The Haunted Hills – 1 Mark

26. As soon as you get the Launch ability use it to ride the three pads up to the middle platform. Before continuing to the left use the Launch pad on the right to go up to the platform that the Mark is tucked away on.

Sky: The Mist-Shrouded Forest – 3 Marks

27. Right after the start of the level you will fight a giant spider. Just after that there is a pit below a ledge with two kamikaze bugs on it. Drop down into the pit and use the launch pad to fire yourself to the right, grabbing the Mark. Wall jump back to the pad so you can launch your hero out of the pit.

28. After opening the first gate you will find yourself on a red elevator frantically dodging blue bullets. At the top leap off to the left. Jump to the next platform, being mindful of the spikes, and then to the next two platforms dodging the crawling bugs. Finally you can leap to the Mark, hidden on the last platform.

29. Near the lower right side of the level you will fall down into a darker area inside the ice. From the checkpoint climb up the path above you and then leap to the launch pad and fire yourself to the left. This will bring you right to the Mark.

Sky: Dark Fortress – 2 Marks

30. The second room of this level features launch pads you must use to navigate a plethora of lasers. Leap from the platform to the first launch pad and go to the right. At the next one launch yourself upwards and into a hidden corridor that hides the first Mark in this stage.

31. When you reach the upper right corner of the level you will have to hit a switch to advance. Go into the room just after the switch to find a launch pad. Use it to launch upwards, hitting the second one and then using a wall jump to reach the Mark.

Boss: The Winged Serpent

After fighting this monstrosity you will have access to all the powers needed to gather up the various Marks of the Gods. But before you’re able to do the backtracking you’ll have to get to the third stage of the Eternity area. So you may wish to do your backtracking before you reach Eternity. Or you could simply wait, as we did, to reach the first teleporter in Eternity and then do your backtracking. Either way works.