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Oliver Stone plotting Scarface 2?

Scarface 2


Could we see another sequel to a much-loved ‘80s classic from the man who’s preparing to unleash Gordon Gekko on the world for a second time?

Oliver Stone has told Total Film he loved returning to Gekko so much that there could be further surprises in store…

“It’s been great to go back with Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps ,” he enthused. “I should go back and do Son of Scarface or something!”

Stone, in London to discuss his Hugo Chavez documentary South of the Border , wouldn’t elaborate, but, changing the story to follow (the deceased) Tony Montana’s progeny would certainly be in keeping with Wall Street 2 , which gives Gordon Gekko a daughter.

Stone told us he’s never interested in making sequels that are more of the same. “If I’d have started Wall Street 2 in the old mode it would have been tedious to me; I couldn’t have done it in that style.”

Stone also revealed that the version of Wall Street 2 set to open in cinemas in October will be re-cut from the one which played to impressive reviews at the Cannes Film Festival back in May.

“It’s just tweaks,” he explained. “I had to work hard to get it ready for Cannes, so I’ve just changed some stuff in the third act to make it a bit more realistic.

“There were some financial issues I wanted to clear up. But the intent is the same and the storyline is essentially the same.”

So, who wants to say hello to Tony’s little offspring? Let’s have plots! Casting! Audacious set-piece cocaine-Hoovering scene! Comment below...

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