Official: Britain prefers games to sex

In Britain gaming is better than sex. That's according to a poll of our favourite bedroom activities by Bedroom specialist Sharps, which brings the state of the country (and its sex lives) to a horrible light.

The Daily Mirror quizzed over 2,000 Britons on what they like to get up to in the bedroom, and embarrassingly shagging ranked at the very bottom of the list, under net surfing, using the phone and work. Lazy gits.

Sleep came top with the most votes, with TV and listening to music also grabbing ample hours in the bedroom.

Chris Gooding of Sharps said: "The results show we do far more in bed than sleep - some even work."

Worryingly, talking and work also placed highly in the list, with gaming and sex placing at number nine and ten on the list respectively. Clearly The Mirror hasn't been quizzing enough blokes on this one.

The top ten (in minutes) includes: Sleep (3,150), Talking (193), TV (132), Net surfing (122), Reading (114), Listening to music (105), Using phone (81), Work (77), Computer games (57) and Sex (35).

Good work Britain!

Courtesy of CVG.

March 10, 2008