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New SFX Weekender guests announced

We’re thrilled to announce some new guests for next February’s SFX Weekender, already shaping up as the essential SF event of 2010.


With a show described by The Unbroadcastable Radio Show as "a masterclass in understated comedy genius" and having made his name as one of the stalwarts of the comedy scene in the north east, John Cooper is also known to SFX readers as one of the site's popular team of bloggers. We here at SFX Towers have always had a fondness for the kind of "sharp inventive wit and surreal stories" that Cooper himself seems able to pull off without breaking a sweat, but the crevasse between comedy and SF (if you're not Douglas Adams) is still regarded as being uncrossable – Cooper, however, has a sturdy bridge constructed between the two, and will be making a very special appearance as a support act for Toby Hadoke at the SFX Weekender.


Starting out in bookselling from the behind-the-counter perspective, Mark Charan Newton has since changed sides to become the one wielding the pen and paper, and has since dazzled everyone, SFX included, with a serious interest in fantasy literature. A Nottingham resident and self-proclaimed writer of "strange things", his most lauded work is the 2009 novel Nights Of Villjamur, set in the eponymous, wintry fantasy city, which Speculative Horizons described as "a grown-up fantasy that touches on real-life concerns, and this is where fantasy is at its most potent and relevant." Be sure to catch him at his special appearance at the SFX Weekender!


One of the most popular children's fantasy authors since the days of CS Lewis, Horwood is famous for the Duncton Wood trilogy series and its continuation, a collected series that became known as The Book Of Silence. Following the Duncton tales, Horwood further cemented his reputation as one of the best British children's writers with The Wolves Of Time duology, the stand-alone novel Skallagrigg, as well as the Tales Of The Willows (continuations of Kenneth Grahame's Wind In The Willows classic fable). With a writer of that pedigree appearing at SFX Weekender the event is truly one that can't be missed.

The SFX Weekender is all about having a great experience, about bringing like minded people together to enjoy sci-fi. Not just the big name stars, but also a total weekend of thought provoking conversation and riotous laffs. There are gaming zones, a VIP area, an awesome pub quiz, book readings, anime café, screening room, and more. There are also a number of literary luminaries joining us for panels and readings.

SFX Weekender, 5-6 February 2010. Remember, September is offer month on tickets. Head here for details. Call 08700 110034 to book now (10% off for subscribers until 1 October).