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New The Walking Dead season 7 image reveals Sasha’s fate (SPOILERS)

Poor, poor Sasha. If she’s not seeing the new love of her life get a home-run induced headache, she’s making suicide runs to try and kill Negan. Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead season 7 saw Sasha go solo on her Negan-slaying mission inside Sanctuary, leaving behind Rosita. As for next week? Well, I’ll just say there are spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead, but, come on, you’re just a little bit curious, aren’t you?

No spoilers yet, just sad Rick face. Final warning.

Sasha’s still alive. For now. Bad news? She’s been caught and by the looks of things and is under lock and key in Negan’s fortress in the preview shot for Something They Need.

How she’ll get out alive (if at all) is still up in the air, but Sasha was adamant about doubling down on this being her final stand. We’re reaching season 7 endgame territory so there’s bound to be a big death sooner or later, right? That’s without mentioning Sasha actress Sonequa Martin-Green has been beamed up as the lead on Star Trek: Discovery.

The Walking Dead season 7 airs on Sundays on AMC in the US and the following Monday night on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

Image: AMC

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