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New Image From New Moon

It's September, and with our ears still ringing from the screams of hoardes of teenage fans and film journalists (cough) everywhere, we are once again perilously close to the release of a Twilight movie.

Yes fang fans, November 20th is the release date for the next installment, somewhat cryptically titled New Moon , and that means between now and then there will be a steady stream of morsels waiting to whet our appetites.

Today, we get this (courtesy of;

We'll admit it's not much, but our heart did thoroughly skip a beat or two at the sight of Mr. Swoon himself, Robert Pattinson, somewhat shorter of hair since his last Twilight outing.

Can you feel the angst? There is so much going on, we can barely take it... and they're so pale!

Well enjoy, until tomorrow when there will undoubtedly be a shot of Jacob and Bella unleashed on the internets, striking a mighty blow for the dedicated followers of Team Jacob.

Excited for New Moon? Has this minor image got you in the mood for Twilight action? Hate the whole enterprise? Let us know!