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New Ghost Recon: Wildlands gameplay – Far Cry meets MGS5 in these 10 best moments

You don't have to go hot in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Ubisoft published a new video that follows a team of four Ghosts infiltrating a cartel compound on a dark, stormy night while attracting minimal attention. Well, except near the end - a No Kills run this ain't. The gameplay demo lasts more than 12 minutes, but I've broken out the best co-op stealth moments right here.

FYI: you can play through the whole game by yourself with AI teammates, too, but you probably won't get half as many sweet stories to tell.

Go for a sneaky night skydive

Use raid markers to set up a quick, clean ambush

Plant some C4

Use your night-vision drone to find the target

Hide the bodies while they're still warm

Plant some more C4, just in case

Cut the lights so your buddy can still screw up sneaking

Free some rebels to cover your escape

Carpool to save gas


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Connor Sheridan
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