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Negan will be “f*cking heavy” in the next Walking Dead episodes and back for season 8 says Jeffrey Dean Morgan

We know that there will be The Walking Dead season 8 but it wasn’t clear if everyone’s favourite skull-smashing Savior would be along for the ride. As it turns out, Negan is here for “the long haul” according to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Be afraid, be very afraid.

As reported by, Morgan told The Howard Stern Show that Negan “will be on board for season 8”.

It looks like the Negan/Rick conflict shows no signs of ending soon, but fans who were worrying about the last few Negan-less episodes can worry no longer. “The next two [episodes], I’m really big in,” Jeffrey explains. “I’m fucking heavy in those.”

The titles and synopses for the next two episodes have already been released if you want a taste of what Negan has got in store. As for the future – who knows? Though we really expect Lucille to continue her outstanding batting average.

The Walking Dead season 7 airs every Sunday at 9pm on AMC in the US, and every Monday at 9pm on Fox in the UK. 

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