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Naughty Dog shows you how to play Uncharted 4's new co-op survival mode

Uncharted 4 is getting a new, co-op survival mode this month, but fans who attended PlayStation Experience 2016 were able to get their hands on it a little early. Lucky them, right? Well yes, but also lucky you: while attendees got to try the mode firsthand, you get to have a sitdown with Vinit Argarwal, game director at Naughty Dog, as he explains how survival mode works and even offers a few tips:

I was never big into Uncharted multiplayer myself, even when it debuted in Uncharted 2. But still, I'm glad Naughty Dog is clearly investing in those who are into it, and the mode looks fun (if a bit tiring - 50 waves is a lot to clear). Of course, if you're like me and you're more curious about Uncharted 4 single-player DLC, PSX 2016 gave us more news on that as well.

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