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The most hateful things we've ever done in games

Andy: I imprisoned a Sim inside a family home, and made everyone watch him die

Simoleans exist to be tortured. Sure, the idea of micro-managing a virtual persons life is interesting at first, but--as the saying goes--the Devil soon finds work for idle hands. It was about a couple of hours into my first play-through of The Sims 3 that I decided to imprison my first Sim.

I started by creating a small bathroom in the middle of the living room. I painted it green and pink (like a Venus Flytrap) and waited for my victim. Soon enough, a male Sim called Barry wandered in. I quickly sold the door (and toilet) and replaced it with a wall. Ha. Pretty funny, but it wasnt enough. I then installed windows in every wall, so the rest of the family could see Barrys torment. I moved the sofa in front of the mini-prison and sold the TV, so they had nothing else to watch. House morale went through the floor, especially when Barry eventually died, but I like to think that the value of the property increased thanks to my truly unique character feature.

Cooper: "I locked the butler in the freezer in Tomb Raider 3"

Know that creepy butler in Tomb Raider 3 that follows Lara around the mansion? I wanted him gone. But because I couldn't just kick him in the face I had to get creative.

I'd hang out in the freezer and wait for his old, slow legs to slowly walk him inside. He'd stare at me. I'd stare at him. And then I'd backflip out, slamming the door behind me. Take that, old butler!

Andy: I trapped people in my Theme Park for years

The original Theme Park is the Holy Grail for messing with AI characters. Everyone I spoke to seemed to have a Theme Park story. Oh, did you push up the salt levels in the fries then max out the price of the drinks?, Did you trap customers on pathways that were covered in sick?. Yes and yes. And more.

My mischief was even more creative. Id build a modest-sized rubber-ring ride and wait for visitors to start using it. Now, if youre quick, you can sell the section of track in front of the rubber-ring rider, then sell the section behind them, essentially trapping them in a very short section of water. They cant escape, and will simply bounce from end to end for all eternity. Top tip: build all your other track-based rides (roller-coasters, go karts) around these poor trapped souls, to let them know the true extent of the park-owner's twisted mind.

Your confessions

So, you've seen the darker sides of your GamesRadar editors. Assuming you're still reading, and haven't fled the site in horror, we want to hear about the hateful things you've done in games. Don't worry, we're all friends here. We won't judge you.*

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*We will definitely judge you.