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Moonglow Bay is a serenely beautiful fishing RPG from the publisher behind Phogs

Moonglow Bay
(Image credit: Coatsink)

Moonglow Bay is a slice of life fishing RPG coming to Xbox Series X via Xbox Game Pass later this year, as announced during today's ID@Xbox Twitch stream

In Moonglow Bay, you'll play as a rookie angler trying to save your late partner's fishing business while simultaneously learning how to cope with such a tremendous loss. Set in a fictional 1980s Canadian fishing village, you'll have to grow the fishing business by talking to your fellow villagers, who will give you the tools you need to help advance your fishing and cooking skills. As you grow, Moonglow Bay will grow with you, so helping yourself will also help restore the town to its former glory. Isn't that sweet?

GamesRadar got an exclusive Moonglow Bay preview where we spoke to the couple behind the game - Zack Soares and Lu Nascimento. They told us to expect to encounter elements in the game that ring of Cooking Mama, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Animal Crossing. Moonglow Bay is part fishing sim, part arcade game that's wrapped in adorable voxel art and driven by a story that just might make you cry - don't worry, it will soothe your tears, as well.

Moonglow Bay is from Coatsink (the studio behind Phogs) and developers Bunnyhug, and it's sure to be both a relaxing and emotional experience. It debuts for Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC via Steam later this year, and is available on Xbox Game Pass (for console and PC), so those who have Game Pass can enjoy it for free.

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