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Misfits Episode 2.05 Review


Monkey* slut! WARNING: CONTAINS DETAILED SPOILERS (*technically, gorilla slut)

Writer: Howard Overman
Director: Owen Harris

THE ONE WHERE Simon falls foul of a violently overprotective dad, and Kelly finds a soul mate.

VERDICT So, Kelly shags a gorilla. This is Misfits . It was bound to happen sooner or later. But once again, the show pulls off the considerable feat of turning such a ridiculous plot into a rather tender and touching affair. You genuinely feel for Kelly, because she’s finally met a simple soul who loves her unconditionally, and who doesn’t think one thing and say another. And then he cops it. Of course.

The psycho dad plot is less effective – it’s all a bit too pedestrian and the kind of stuff you get on normal cop shows. But what was his power supposed to be? To get really, really angry? It was difficult to tell what the quivering chops stuff was all about. At least Simon lost his virginity. Which was nice.

And is it possible not to grin at that final, teasingly iconic shot of the team in their superhero costumes?

There were also countless samples of trademark Misfits humour: Curtis and Nikki’s When Harry Met Sally moment (“After I’m done killing Hitler, infinity orgasms”); Kelly’s flirting techniques (“What’s yer name?” “Bruno.” “What kind of a shit name is that?”); and Nathan’s random act of watery violence on a runner. It’s great to know that even when Misfits is coasting a bit, it’s still tons more entertaining than most shows.

DEJA VU The entire climax of the Kelly/Bruno plot was so King Kong you half expected Nathan to say, “It was beauty killed the beast.”

NATHAN’S GROSSGASMS His graphic demonstration of the difficulties men have performing self-fellation.

MUSIC Simon’s listening to Echo And The Bunnymen, Alisha describes them as depressing. She should hear his Joy Division collection.

Nathan: “It must be physically impossible. ’Cos if men could suck themselves off, then the female of the species would be surplus to requirement..”
Kelly: “This is why people kill you”

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