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Misfits Episode 2.04 Review


If you’re not hooked yet, you should be after this one. WARNING: CONTAINS DETAILED SPOILERS

Writer: Howard Overman
Director: Tom Green

THE ONE WHERE A psycho who thinks he’s in a computer game kidnaps Kelly and demands a ransom.

VERDICT Kelly in a dress? That’s worth an extra star in itself. Or her reaction to the idea, at least. Another cracking episode with a downright chilling freak of the week convinced that he’s stuck in a Grand Theft Auto -style game, mowing down old ladies in his car and hanging the Misfits up on meat hooks. The episode’s full of delicious dialogue and entertaining perversity as usual, but there are so many other reasons to love it too: shite teleporter and eco-freak Ollie making an instant (bad) impression then getting shot dead within 10 minutes; the social worker revealing that he knows more than he’s letting on; the easiest robbery in history; Simon’s inability to slide a case across the floor.

Gotta admit, killing off Ollie was a shock. Okay, he was irritating as hell, but you could see loads of potential for humour there, and (cleverly) the trailer at the end of the previous episode made it look like he was going to be a major character, but hey, that’s the genius of Misfits .

The stand-out moment, though, has to be Future-Simon’s unexpected sacrifice, leaving Alisha instructions to burn his body. Harrowing or what? Just when you think you've got this show figured out and it seems to be going in one direction, it delivers a swerve ball like that.

Still not sure about Nikki, though. Inheriting Ollie’s powers as well as his heart, she suddenly has yet another character overhaul and starts jaunting all over the place better than Ollie ever did. She still seems more of a plot device than a real character.

DEJA VU Anyone else think that psycho game guy did a pretty amazing impression of the T-1000?

SPECULATION So Nathan is still seeing dead people. That wasn’t just an effect of his powers being temporarily reversed in episode two then. Wonder if any of these ghosts will be making a return at some point?

LOL Kelly’s not impressed with Ollie’s superpower: “That’s shit. You could have walked there quicker.”

NOW YOU SEE HIM, NOW YOU DON’T It’s rare to see Simon vanish on screen so obviously, the way he does in this episode just before the robbery. Somehow it seems to lessen his powers. It’s just a personal thing, but I prefer the usual way they handle visualising his powers (if that makes sense).

Nathan: “Better him than me.”
Simon: “You’re immortal.”
Nathan: “Better him than one of you.”

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