Mirror's Edge Catalyst collectibles guide

Concord Plaza

1 Surveillance Recording, 4 Documents, 1 Secret Bag

Secret Bag 1

On top of a pipe you climb on while making your way through a building to Birdman's place.

Document 1

Climb onto the roof of Birdman's place and look between the solar panels.

Document 2

On this rooftop near a bridge connection, under a monorail support strut.

Document 3

From the bridge leading to a building with a cylindrical tower on top, wallrun along the wall to the right onto a ledge and follow it around to the document.

Surveillance Recording 1

In an alleyway between two buildings right next to Centurian Yards, grab the recording on top of a vent next to the stairs.

Document 4

At the far end of the area near the Bauble Mall, find the enclosed solar panel area under a rotating Allcom triangular sign. Climb over the fence then look around the wall next to the panels to find the document.

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