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Middle Earth: Shadow of War introduces some new friends to help build your army

The deluge of E3 2017 trailers is about to begin and Shadow of War is starting the flood. This new look at the game shows Talion building an army to take on Sauron and, by the looks of things, making a few non-Orc friends along the way. 

There's a few prominant human characters in there, especially some warriors in a human city (which has to be Minas Tirith) and a black clad woman who seems to have a few magical powers to rival Talion. Shelob also seems to be involved somehow, along with Balrog, and what looks like a... female ent? 

I'm sure all will become clear at E3 so check or our E3 2017 schedule for all the show times and we'll have all the E3 2017 trailers here so don't miss out

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