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Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones show Strength And Honour

Boxing movies tend to be a bit of mixed bag when they finally arrive in the movie ring. For every Million Dollar Baby there’s a slightly more featherweight Cinderella Man or – wince now – Rocky IV.

But first-time writer-director Mark Mahon is out to prove he can punch his weight in the genre with Strength And Honour. And he’s assembled the likes of Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones and Richard Chamberlain to help him.

Strength follows Sean Kelleher (Madsen), a boxer who swears off the sport to his dying wife after he accidentally kills a friend during a bout. But his vow – and his heart – break when his son contracts the same life-threatening illness that offed his wife and he straps the gloves on again to raise the cash to treat him. To make matters worse, he’ll have to face the brutality of rival Smasher O’Driscoll (Jones as a character who you just know is a wrong ‘un) while following the guidance of his coach (Chamberlain).

Set in the competitive punching world of Ireland’s county Cork, the bell for shooting rings next month.