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Making The Most Of Bartertown

It’s’s ever-growing merchandisers’ directory, a great place to track down comics, cons, collectables and even things that don’t begin with C…

Have you visited Bartertown yet? Don’t worry, you won’t get captured by Tina Turner and forced into a cage fight against some bloke with terminal BO. Bartertown is SFX ’s unique merchandise section. Part classified sales ad scetion, part directory it's a great way to hunt down collectables, conventons, comcs, books, toys and loads of other stuff. And it’s growing all the time! New companies offering all sort of SF goods and services are being added every day!

It’s easy to use. You can either:

  • Browse through the complete listing until something takes you fancy, or…
  • Use the site’s search directory to find something specific. All you have to do is type MERCHANDISE into the search engine, followed by whatever it is your looking for, say CONVENTIONS or COMICS, and the search results will suggest companies that’ll be of use to you

So take a visit now and discover a new way of feeding your SF and fantasy addiction.