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Lost finale your reactions

[Spoilers] Did you get up at 5am to watch Lost like we did? Here’s a selection of the best comments from the forum and a place to sound off

It’s all over. After six years Lost drew to a close in the wee hours of this morning and the web has been a buzz with raucous chatter ever since. Our full fledged review will come later but for now here’s a selection of your thoughts from the forum and don’t forget to tell us your own feelings in the comment box below – satisfying emotional journey or a load of claptrap? Let us know.

Needless to say, beware of spoilers and don’t forget our Lost Special is still on sale until Friday, so pick it up while you can.

Brilliant ending, worth getting only 4 hours sleep for

Support Desk: Good morning, Magical Island Support Hotline
Jacob: Hello, my Mum gave me this magical island to look after, and it's got black smoke coming out of it that's killing people
Support Desk: Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Jacob: Let me try. . . . . . . .
Jacob: Thanks, worked a treat!

I did thoroughly enjoy the whole thing and as a grown man in his late thirties the glowey love bubbles of realisation brought a tear to my eye at least three times

The more I think about this the more underwhelmed I am. All the island stuff, if it did happen, was just about Jacob's brother trying to get off the island. That's it. Nothing else lead anywhere. All the rest, the Dharma stuff, the Others stuff, the time travelling, people trying to get on/and/or off/ the island and even what exactly the island was and meant was in the end utterly direction less and had no bearing on the ending whatsoever.
I don't mind some things being left open ended, but leaving everything open ended?? Explaining nothing?? Please.


Note to sci-fi writers: can we have a show that doesn't end with people moving on please? Thank you

HHhhmmm. Still not sure about this. I was loving it up until the final twist, think I'll have to watch it again. The final scene was great though.

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