Look at the new stuff coming in Overwatch's Anniversary event, including DANCES

New maps and skins are great, but the Overwatch Anniversary Event understands what loyal players really want: more dancing. Blizzard has been disseminating teases for the new goodies coming with its upcoming in-game celebration and the new dance emotes are the most exciting of all, obviously. Symmetra can really bust a move when she isn't melting my face off with her stupid beam thing.

New skins are equally welcome. What's this cyborg Soldier 76 business about? Did he have robo-feet underneath those combat boots this whole time? Also, Zarya looks like a Power Ranger now and it totally works.

These new arena maps should add some much-needed variety to the 1v1 and 3v3 modes. Plus, I'll never pass on a chance to mess up Sombra's nerd lair.

And finally, these new voice lines confirm our worst fears: Soldier 76 is not, in fact, our dad :(

You can start playing with all this cool new stuff when the Overwatch Anniversary Event begins on May 23. If you don't own Overwatch, you can give it a shot in the free Overwatch weekend starting on May 26. Until then, find out which Overwatch hero is right for you.