There's another free Overwatch weekend on the way!

If, for some reason, you're interested in Overwatch but still haven't played it, there's a free weekend on the way for some cost-free testing. 

The free trial will run from May 26 to 29 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. During that time you'll be able to play all 24 heroes and 14 maps. The modes up to try will include Quick Play, Custom Games, and the Arcade. 

You'll also be able to customise various bits and pieces, level up, collect Loot Boxes, and keep it all if you decide to buy the game while the free weekend's live (on the account you played the trial).

Depending on your platform of choice you'll have to download things a bit differently: 

PS4: Search for "Overwatch" on the PSN Store and then select "Overwatch Free Weekend" 

Xbox One:  Head to the Store and find Overwatch, select "Overwatch: Origins Edition" then click "Free Trial."

PC: Download and install the Blizzard desktop app. Launch it and create a free Blizzard account, or log in with an existing account. Click the "Overwatch" icon,  on the left-hand side of the desktop app, click "Install" and once installed, play.

Happy ignoring the payload, and if you want some help before you dive in then here's a guide to what Overwatch hero you should play

Leon Hurley
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