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Lego Batman 2 mini-kit guide

Mission 1: Theatrical Pursuits

1: Use Luthor to deconstruct the crashed Batwing in the center of the theatre.

2: Use Powersuit Batman to destroy the three table legs to reveal the kit.

3: Have Robin grab the Acrobat suit and then swing up on the poles to the right of the auditorium.

4: Use Cyborg or Superman to break the lock on the gate and then use Cyborg to pull down the bike on the shelf. Go through the path under the walkway and up the ladder. Shatter the glass floor with Man-Bat and then walk into the gate on the left to open it. Use Joker to add electricity and then play the piano by looking at the series of notes on the pipes on the wall.

5: Use Lex Luthor to deconstruct the wall to the right of the castle and then have the Joker add electricity to the panel to bring down the scaffolding. Hop on the jousting horse to reveal the kit.

6: Simply go through the door behind the dragon’s tail to get the kit behind the glass at the rear wall.

7: Shatter the glass in the center of the room with Man-Bat or the Wingsuit and then melt the gold coins inside with Superman to make the kit appear.

8: Freeze the water on the right side with Superman or Mister Freeze. Climb up and then use the zipline to get to the left side balcony where the kit is.

9: Use Robin and his Acrobat suit to get up the right side of the room just above the stairs.

10: Break the 3 green windows during the fight with The Joker.

Mission 2: Harboring a Criminal

1: Break the picture to the left of the stairs in front of the theater using the Powersuit for Batman.

2: Smash the 5 Zatanna signs around the theater entrance.

3: Break the silver spotlight to create an ice cream cart. Ride it for a bit and a kit will appear.

4: Behind the spire of the right side roof atop the theater, you will find another kit.

5: Climb up the theater and make your way to the left side. Go down the ladder there, you will find a kit to the rear of the ledge.

6: Break the spotlight in the parking lot corner with Superman on the right side of the theater.

7: Shoot 2 rollercoaster cars while chasing the Joker. If you miss the cars, you can keep doing laps as long as you don’t shoot at The Joker.

8: Smash the 4 cars in the parking lot to make this kit appear.

9: Use the bumper car in the left side corner when in the parking.

10: Drive the bulldozer on to the trailer at the edge of the parking lot. It can be a little tricky, but once you get it up the ramp that you need to build, the final kit will pop up.