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Konami asked for a journo's tweet about clarifying the Kojima situation to be deleted

Okay, this could be nothing, but a journo who was at the MGS 5 preview event tweeted out a comment about clarification on the whole Kojima/Konami falling out affair and has since deleted it, saying Konami "requested" he did.

This is the text from Antonio Fucito's original deleted tweet, via PSU (he's Italian by the way):

"Riguardo Kojima, Konami ha risposto che farà chiarezza prossimamente. Nel gioco comunque è presente ovunque, dai titoli ai poster!"

Which roughly translates as:

"About Kojima , Konami said that will clarify shortly. In the game, however, it is present everywhere, from the titles to poster!"

That tweets gone now, obviously, but he's posted this to explain why.

UPDATE: Fucito got back to me to clarify the original context:

ORIGINAL STORY CONTINUES: Now it could have been a misunderstanding, or it could have been someone saying something out of turn, but the fact that it was taken down is... well, interesting at least. As is what sounds like Kojima's apparent presence, "everywhere, from the titles to poster". That certainly seems at odds with the removal of Kojima's name from all his games. Is there potentially going to be some explanation as to what's been going on with MGS 5, the death of PT/Silent Hills and Kojima and Konami in general?

The way Fucito replies up there makes it sounds like it could just be the game being discussed, rather than any wider industry context. I've asked for some clarification of my own there. Still, it's fuel for many that are desperately hoping for some sort of 'ta-da!' surprise where Koj bursts out of a cake and tells us it was all a big joke - Geoff Keighley has been hanging out with Hideo Kojima in Japan this week. Completely by chance(?). Or just any potentially definitive explanation on what's actually going on.

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