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Kinect-like technology coming to iPad

If you think the only problem with Kinect is that you don't need a $500 tablet and a stand-up dock, then Ellipti Labs has just the thing you're looking for. The startup is developing its own gesture recognition for the iPad, whichoffers UI control similar to Kinect's.

You'll be able to sweep through your music and video libraries, manipulate playback of that media, and possibly even control other apps.The same ideakinda works with Kinect, and if you just keep your iPad docked in the kitchen to look at recipes, or in the bedroom to watch movies at night, this could actually be something worth checking out.

“The idea is that you use touchless gestures to operate primary functions of a docked tablet in situations like when you have wet or greasy hands in the kitchen. In general tablets are made for being handheld. When it is docked you are often walking or standing further away, and then using a finger on the screen involves a change of modality. Rather than bending down, leaning forward or picking it up you can use larger movements a little bit further away to do things like volume up or next song without changing modality,” said CEO Stian Aldrin.

The product was announced in September, but the company will be showing it off at next month's CES show, so we're sure to hear more about the iPad motion controls then.

[Source:Mobile Mag]

Dec 22, 2010