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Join Total Film for a This is the End tweetalong

The only thing better than watching one of 2013's funniest, silliest and most extreme comedies?

Watching This Is The End in the company of your friends, Twitter's banter-yist users - and joining the Total Film team themselves for drinks, LOLs and Twitter shenanigans at a private screening.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's star-studded end-of-the-world comedy is on release now, and to celebrate we're hosting a tweetalong, where we'll be tweeting throughout the movie from @totalfilm as the gore-tastic ridiculousness unfolds.

Here are the details:

WHEN: Wednesday 6th November (Tonight!) , 8pm

WHERE: We'll be tweeting from @TotalFilm alongside @MoviesOnVM using #ThisIsTheEnd .

WHAT: We're going to be Tweeting along with the movie as you watch it at home, sharing quotes, trivia, memes etc

WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN US: Jokes, special giveaways and a whole host of amusing Twitter funtimes, with RTs and banter a-plenty.

HOW: If you don't already own it on DVD/Blu-ray, you can stream the movie for just £3.99 straight from the Virgin Media site .

In case you need reminding of how awesome This Is The End is, here's our four star review . And for more from Virgin Movies, check out their This Is The End page, too.

This Is The End will be available from Monday 4th November on Virgin Movies, Blu-ray and DVD