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John Travolta goes from Wild Hogs to Old Dogs

If the sight of John Travolta lumbering around in motorcycle leathers, added to all the other “jokes” in the trailer for Wild Hogs , isn’t enough to make your soul die a little, the Trav is considering signing up for another Disney comedy.

Yes, after inflicting The Shaggy Dog and those awful Santa Clause movies on us, Travolta is considering re-teaming with Hogs helm Walt Becker for Old Dogs.

Disney is keeping its plot cards close to its mouse-skin chest, but apparently the high-larious laughs will spring from Travolta and Actor-To-Be-Cast dealing with becoming fathers in middle age. We suggest Robert De Niro, since he knows all about spawning kids at the sprightly age of 54. And he’s hardly choosy when it comes to his comedy projects (“Another Fockers you say? Why, certainly!”)

But forget worrying about a male co-star yet. One of Travolta’s big wishes for the project is for it to offer some gainful employment for wife Kelly Preston and daughter Ella Blue. Why stop there? Why not the bloke who cleans his drains, or the technician who sells him plane fuel?

David Diamond and David Weissman, whose writing past includes Evolution and The Family Man, knocked up the script as a spec called Old Dads, which Disney nabbed. With Becker on board and Travolta a likely star, we expect it to stagger into the rewrite factory before too long. Get ready for a pounding moral message about how old dogs really can be taught new tricks. Did you, and we ask this with all due venom, see what they did there?