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Iron Man gets a new suit as he stares down [SPOILER] in Avengers: Infinity War set photos

(Image credit: Marvel)

Iron Man’s suits seem to get more updates than Windows 10 and, as Avengers: Infinity War rolls around, that seems to be the case yet again. Stark’s Mark 45 armour (trust me, I looked it up) gets a sleeker, cooler upgrade. And he even gets to stare down some superheroes, who are probably jealous of his new plaything.

For comparison, the Mark 45 and the new suit (which you can see below) are fairly different. The new suit which, I’ll call the Mark 48 for simplicity’s sake after Spider-Man: Homecoming includes Mark 47, seems to take some design cues from Vision, with a rounded-off helmet and generally a less jagged design.

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The changes don’t end there, with Stark’s arc reactor (thankfully no longer built into his body) emitting a blue light instead of the previous incarnation’s white light. That, along with the grumpier-looking face, hints at a Tony Stark who isn’t messing around.

As for the lower-half of the armour, that’ll probably be added in post-production but, if the chest is anything to go by, it certainly looks more mobile than other versions, with it resembling a lightweight combat vest.

The scene in question being filmed includes Iron Man coming face-to-face, possibly for the first time, with Doctor Strange and Wong, with Bruce Banner along for the ride too. It’s fair to say things don’t look as chummy as they could be…

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Image: Marvel

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