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iPhone Game of the Day: Bejeweled 2

Game: Bejeweled 2
Price: £1.79/$$2.99
Size: 9.6MB
Out: Now

There's a bloody goodreason thatBejeweled sits at number 12in our list of the 20 most important games of the last decade. It's abovethe likes ofPortal and Bioshock because - and this term is thrown around so much that it's lost most of its meaning now - it's super-addictive. Bejeweled 2 on iPhone evenmanages to trump the original by including a new one minute mode called Blitz that will refuse to let you go once you're into it. It's that obsessive.

Above: The satisfying explosions are enough to mesmerise you throughout

In this drop-down puzzler you have to match up the relevant gems in lines of three or more by touching and swapping them with the one next to it. A combo of three simplyremoves the gems and more will drop down. Four creates apower gem that explodes and takes out the ones aroundit and five makes a hypergem that can take out all colours on the screen that you wish,like so...

Above: The hyper gem in full effect as it wipes out all the purple jewels

There's an insane amount of pull in Bejeweled 2 - even more so than ace puzzlers likeLumines and Tetris. It's ideal for long or short bouts of play, but be warned once you're hooked you'll be seeing the jewel patterns in your sleep. Can you deal with that?Of course you can. Now get involved.

">Buy Bejeweled 2 at iTunes now.

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