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How To Make An Arnie Action Movie: Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in action-man mode as The Last Stand rips into cinemas.

In the modern-day western, Schwarzenegger plays small-town sheriff, Ray Owens. When a notorious crim looks set to tear through sleepy Sommerton Junction en route to the Mexican border, Owens won’t let him cross without a fight.

Arming his ragtag bunch of deputies with all the heavy artillery to hand, they set about stopping the bad guys... the Arnie way!

We caught up with Schwarzenegger and co-star Johnny Knoxville, for a masterclass on how to make the ultimate Arnie action film.

The pair cover guns, stunts, one-liners and comic relief.

Nb. Video contains Arnie renditions of “It’s not a toomah!” and “Get to da choppah!”

Watch ‘How To Make An Arnie Action Movie’ now:

The Last Stand is in cinemas now.