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How to evolve Pancham into Pangoro in Pokemon X and Y

Several Pokemon in the Pokemon X and Y Pokedex have unique, interesting evolution styles, but none are as adorable as Pancham’s. Well, that's not true--maybe Sylveon's evolution method is close. Even so, the cute, cuddly panda turns into the big, angry Pangoro, and you’re going to have a bear of a time (joke of the year) getting that to happen without knowing a trick. See, Pancham’s evolution only happens if it happens to have a someone in your party pushing it towards the dark side.

No, you don’t need to hold the microphone up to the TV while watching Star Wars (we would have mentioned that in our Pokemon X and Y review, if it were the case). Instead, you need to get Pancham to level 32 and then level him when you have a Dark-type Pokemon in your party. This will give him the mean streak he needs to become Pangoro, a Fighting/Dark type Pokemon. Talk about a bad influence.