He's finished GTA IV (and MGS4)!

GR: Given the game's more realistic approach, is the violence more disturbing than before?

RS: I thought that it was going to... I thought that it was going to feel like the realism of the world might make the violence – because it is violent – feel more, I don’t know, troublesome? It’s still a cartoon game. I don’t think there’s any denying that.

GR: Were there any really recognizable voice actors this time around?

RS: You know, no. There’s a couple of celebrity appearances, one of which is absolutely awesome. But actually, going through the credits - and I don’t know if it’s just me - but I didn’t recognize any voice talent. But there are a couple of guest spots that are really worth it.

GR: More impressive than Phil Collins in Vice City Stories?

RS: Yes. One of them, when it’s revealed, is absolutely worth viewing a couple of... two, three, four times.

GR: And it's really obvious who it is?

RS: Yes. Because it’s his name.

GR: Is it a cutscene, or can you shoot him?

RS: No, it's a cutscene. [laughs] You can’t shoot [him].

Apr 9, 2008