Heroes 2.08 Four Months Ago review

Original US airdate: 12/11/07

Written by: Tim Kring

Directed by: Greg Beeman


The One Where: We flashback to discover how Peter became a shirtless amnesiac, witness the death of DL and learn why Maya will never be on the wedding guestlist ever again.

Verdict: Now that’s more like it. Kring and Beeman step in and wrestle Heroes back on course after a crushingly bland run of episodes. The fact that it’s a flashback helps, reconnecting us with the end of season one (great scene of the fiery, flying Petrelli brothers, which would have boosted last season’s climax no end). We’re given darkness and drama (the death of DL, and Niki’s blood-spattered reaction are a standout), the time-layered plot structure works, and because we know where it’s all heading there’s a renewed sense of focus and purpose. Adam’s final line – “Shall we save the world?” is marvellously nonchalant.

Highlight: A wonderfully unnerving moment when Maya discovers she’s unwittingly slain everyone
at the wedding.

Fab FX: That’s some great burns make-up on the chargrilled Nathan. Hate to think how long Adrian Pasdar was in the chair...

Star Turn: Kristen Bell is far from Veronica Mars as sociopathic Elle – innocent yet deadly. It’s a charming, chilling performance.

Character: Turns out that Niki has another personality – Gina. Makes you wonder how many more of them are knocking around. Are you in there, Gladys?

Best Line:
Micah: "We could be like the Fantastic Four. Minus one, but still..."

Nick Setchfield

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