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Here's how the internet reacted to Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption tweet

You might have missed it over the weekend but Rockstar tweeted this out yesterday

That's it, nothing else. No name or info. Just the logo in red. Which it proceeded to put on EVERYTHING. Almost everywhere Rockstar lives online currently has that image. 

Obviously the internet noticed. Here's what happened.

Everyone's timeline suddenly looked the same

The tweet went live without warning and everyone freaked out in unison which meant that for about half an hour everyone's timeline looked like this: 

A fight broke out to make the same joke

Almost as soon as the retweet tidal wave subsided almost 99% of the human race tried to be different. 

Although this guy gets a pass for going the extra mile.

Everyone hated this article we did a while back


There was no shortage of reaction memes

Although some people's meme game was SO on point

Oh and the Red Dead subreddit totally lost its shit

Seriously, they might need some quiet time.

(Image credit: Red Dead Redemption reddit)
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