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Here's every Horizon Zero Dawn creature and how to take them down

When off on a hunt, it pays to be prepared. And when you dive into the world of Horizon Zero Dawn and find yourself face-to-face against robotic T-rexes, raptors, giant eagles, and all manner of other creatures, that goes double.

That's why we've put together this handy dandy field guide, showing you each of Horizon's cybernetic wildlife and the best methods for taking them down. If knowing thy enemy is a motto you live your gaming life by, consider this your video encyclopedia.

Y'all are lucky. When we went hunting back in my day, the only advice I got was "try to stay warm" as we sat in the cold rain, waiting for deer. But then, the deer around these parts never had metal antlers or the ability to shoot lightning. So... we'll call it a draw.

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