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Black Ops 3 having problems with map downloads & ABC server errors

If you're playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on Xbox One and aren't able to load The Giant or Nuk3town maps then you're not alone. Activision support has tweeted that the teams know there's an issue and a fix is on the way.

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Some Reddit posts have linked the problems accessing these maps to the new Xbox UI but Microsoft's Mike Ybarra says this isn't the case.

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There's also a different 'ABC error' (named after the 'A.B.C.-.-.F.G.-.-.-.K.-.-.N.-.-.Q.-.S.-.-.-.-.X.-.-. ??' code it creates). Activision support is recommending to restart your console and download the latest update to remedy access issues. Problems seem to have arisen from players trying to access servers prior to updating to the right version. You can see the version you're running in the top right corner of your screen. is the original so you'll want to see 33.1 up there.

While updating seems to work in the majority of cases, some people are still having issues so presumably a patch is also on the way for this. Ah, as Shakespeare once so wisely wrote, day one of an online game never did run smooth.

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