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Happy Halloween, here's Castlevania remade in Unreal

The weekend may be over and the long week just starting, but today is Halloween and that means there's still plenty of reasons to celebrate. Reason #42, for example, is that there's a fan-made remake of the original Castlevania in the Unreal engine currently in development, and you can play it right now.

Creator "dejawolf" built the first-level remake as part of a month-long Halloween-themed game jam, which aims to inspire the birth of more horror games. If you're a fan of survival-horror, I highly recommend checking out the other entries as well.

Some of these projects will go on to become full-fledged games, while others will remain unfinished demos. Considering the legal red tape, I don't foresee Castlevania: Unreal Edition becoming a purchasable product, so I suggest either downloading the demo while you can or just enjoying this video that dejawolf put together:

Mmm, now I'm hungry for wall chicken.

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Sam Prell
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