HaloRadar: The Halo 3 Olympics

White men can't jump, but Master Chief sure can. He also knows how to dunk, dribble, throw a touchdown, hit a homerun, drive a race car and score on a penalty kick. He's quarterback, goalie, point guard, slugger, pitcher and motorist - all wrapped into one genetically enhanced super athlete.

Hold up... you thought Halo 3 was just a shooter? Clearly, you underestimate the power of Forge and Custom Games. The editing tools don't just enable players to limit respawns, increase ammo or place an extra Warthog; they allow creative fans to invent whole new games. Or, as these examples prove, reinvent the classic games we know and love in the real world.

Welcome to the Halo 3 Olympics.


This one was inevitable, really. From the first moment you grabbed a Gravity Hammer in the single player campaign, you knew you had to swing it at something besides an alien. What better than a speeding rocket?

Thus, Halo 3 baseball is born. The rules are as simple or as complicated as you want to make them. Simply hitting rockets into the stratosphere - or into the guy that "pitched" them to you - is a blast in and of itself. On the other extreme, you can divide into teams, designate bases or call strikes and outs. This page offers some example rules.

Home Run (Going... going... explode!)

Blooper Reel

Inning by Inning