HaloRadar: The Halo 3 Olympics


You'll want the full 16 players for this one. Two teams, on a wide open field, scramble and murder madly for possession of the Bomb. Run into the end zone (a row of bomb arming spots) and score a touchdown for your team.

To keep the game slightly more down-to earth, arm everyone with plasma swords instead of guns. It's the best equivalent fans have found to a full body tackle.

Blue vs Red

Monday Night Massacre


If you checked the editing tools in Forge after the first downloadable map pack released, you might have already experimented with this pastime. The team at Bungie practically begged fans to invent Halo 3 soccer by adding an actual soccer ball to the Forge tool box. Of course, this soccer ball is about as big as the Master Chief himself...

Game One

Game Two

Tips and Tricks


Baseball? Basketball? What the hell are those? If you want to see the Master Chief excel at a REAL sport, or at least a sport closer to most gamers' hearts, watch the video below. Mushrooms and pipes are way cooler than trophies, anyway.

Super Master Bros.

Know a better way to play any of these sports? Invented your own, like Halo 3 Tennis, Halo 3 Golf or Halo 3 Synchronized Swimming? Let us know by writing halo@gamesradar.com. If you impress us enough, we'll include your creation in an upcoming HaloRadar.

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Apr 4, 2008