HaloRadar: The Halo 3 Olympics


This sport is trickier to recreate. You can't throw anything besides a grenade in Halo 3... and how are you supposed to see if that went through a hoop in the middle of a heated game?

As always, however, the fans find a way. In this first video, they've rigged a One Bomb receptacle to act as a hoop. Steal the bomb from your opponent, leap into the air, plant it on the platform and - BOOM! - you've scored a basket. And created a kickass explosion. If only the real sport could be so spectacular.


The second video shows players going way outside the box. Here, the ball is... a Ghost? And the basket is a... tunnel? And a free throw consists of floating on gravity lifts? Hey, whatever works. This may be part basketball, part darts and part lawn bowling, but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

Flying Basketball

Basketball may be difficult to recreate in Halo 3, but apparently, the art of dribbling is not. Now if only you could bounce that skull between your legs and behind your back, we'd be impressed.