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Halo 5's Nornfang sniper rifle recreated with Lego is a precision-made wonder

Halo has always had great designs for its sniper rifles, and apparently they look just as good in Lego brick form. Artisanal Lego maniac Nick Brick recreated Nornfang, Linda-058's weapon of choice in Halo 5: Guardians, using 9 pounds worth of bricks, and the end result is just bee-you-tee-ful.

It's even better when you realize that the trigger actually moves, the slide pulls back and springs forward, and the magazine and big honkin' scope are both removable. More removable than anything made out of Lego is removable, I mean. You can see the whole kit in motion in this video (watch your volume for that ending).

Using CAD software and a 3D printer might get you closer to the original weapon model, but there's something wholesome about assembling a detailed homage entirely out of Lego bricks. Aside from the fact that you're using a children's toy to recreate an incredibly lethal, fairly realistic looking weapon, anyway, but I think we're mostly past that particular point of dissonance by now.

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Connor Sheridan
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